Activity 1: Type Manipulation

Step 1: Create a Historical timeline with visual references to developments in typography; Gather examples of type from the different 20th Century Design Movements &  Also include wider cultural contexts – Asian, Islamic, Aztec, African, European and other scripts; find a variety examples of formats and purposes of visual communications such as posters, book covers and packaging; record observations of typefaces using terminology such as serif, sans serif, italic, bold, decorative, and identify their effectiveness in communicating information and ideas, when combined with images

Task: Using Illustrator you will need to manipulate a typeface from the historical timeline (Serif or San Serif) to completely change the aesthetic qualities and create a new variation(s). Get inspired from your research.

Please demonstrate changes to the following terminology: Baseline, x-height, descender, ascender, stem, crossbar, arm, bowl, leg, tail, and ear. You can use a word or an individual letter.

You may want to view the tutorial on using the Pathfinder tool:

Advanced Pathfinder


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