Year 9 Design Electives

Year 9 Models & Construction

In year 9 students first get a taste for model making. We focus on Foam Core model making techniques and with the Sneaker Project we look to unleash each students unique creativity. At year 10 students get the opportunity to building on their basic model making skills with a focus on Architectural model making both 2D using Sketchup & 3D hand made physical models. These subjects prepare and equip our students for VCE Design, over the years our VCE students have achieved amazing results.


Sneaker Project:

Hannah Simpson year 9 shoe design IMG_2075 IMG_2086 IMG_2090 IMG_2116 IMG_2128 IMG_3440 IMG_7528 Luke Phillips year 9 Picture 003

FoamCore Radio Models

brooke madeley yr 9 Caleb year 9 models construction celina lim daniel cheung IMG_7448 Jessica Georgy year 9 model making jessica nashed model making lachland butler year 9 model making

Digital Design

Students learn the basics of Advertising and Marketing. Students get insights into the Advertising industry and discuss what makes a design effective.

Students learn to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 which is an industry standard software to a basic-intermidiate level. Students that are considering or have a passion for Design have the opportunity to develop their skills at WCC from years 9 to 12. This streamlining of design subjects has seen our VCE students achieved amazing.

Adjustments Cakes benaya Ellen Hatton Movie Poster jolene FFINAL Luke Phillips Movie poster year 9 Movie Poster - Johnathon Mercuri year 9 movie poster- bethany adams Nicky P9rWEiOCU-ejfZ4kH6sSA-xaIzu1-eRO7X9BmhkST1s Twilight Movie Poster

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