Research + Inspiration Stage:

Research- for information and ideas:

Required research skils include:

  • collection
  • analysis
  • interpretation of information
  • annotating

What is Research?

Involves the collection of visual information, data and articles to assist in the understanding and development of the brief.  Research continues throughout the design process.

What information is collected?

  • Visual information
  • Factual material
  • Inspirational visuals or materials Information about the audiance
  • Historical background to the task
  • Product Benchmarking- What are the competitors current trends?

All the research collected must be analysed and annotated. How can the research collect help in the solution to the problem.


Literary Resources: books, magazines, journals etc

Electronic Resources: Internet and On-line Database

Verbal Resources: From the source of the original need itself, the client. Market Researchers- conduct surveys. Discussions with experts in the profession.

Historical Resources: Books, State Librry archives, old photographs, newspapers and journals.


Inspiration does not need to be related to your topic/subject.

Inspiration can be anything. The key is to train your eye to find something interesting in the most randomess things.

Fabrics, Sculptures, Shapes within Nature, Automotive etc.

When you have collected your inspiration – use them by creating visualisation drawings. Always annote where your inspiration arised from.

Methods, Materials & Media during Research Stage

It’s crucial that you find visuals that demonstrate how the 3M’s can be effectively used in a final. These examples should act as a starting point for you to begin your exploring and experimentation.

7-etching-2 collage Derek Gores - Tutt'Art@ - foam print 2 foam print Foam%20Print il_fullxfull_338612400 lennon-does-collage-brian-buckley linoprint online-collage-maker spotted_owl_6_5x6_5_etching_birds__animals__38af75ef53dacbf5d825d2df47c9fab6

2458915174_ff5c2ac23b_z science experiments p067_the_polyphonic_spree images (2) main_poster_facts img_51732 clubmaster3 Aesthetic_Apparatus_RAYBAN


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