Design Elements & Principles: Activity 1


Just like the letters of the alphabet helps us put together and create words. The Design Elements & Principles are the ABC’s of design the formula in which desingers live by, when applied effectively the E+Ps are powerful tools that aid with the intended Purpose of a design. Different combinations of letters create different words likewise by using the E+P’s is various combination designers can purposely create designs and compositions that will capture the attention of the intended Audience.  

Your Task for today:

1. Organize yourself into groups of 4

2. Elect a team leader – Team leader job is to make sure today’s task is completed on time & to ensure each team member is participating and contributing to the task

3. Below are links of every Element & Principle of design. By clicking on them you’ll be taken to a page where all the information is located. Your job is to summarise each Element & Principle of design in a video clip format.

  • write down a short definition for each
  • include 6-8 short dot point which you think are the most important
  • Visual examples are a must
  • You can use paper or get creative

Here is an example of a video – it’s simple and raw. By then end of the double period you should have something similar – or better ; )

* My Advice – spend time in a group or in pairs summarizing the E+P’s, then make sure you have a concept & plan written on paper so that you have direction.  

Use Ipads and Flip camera to complete the task. Use any material you need from the store room. You will need to put things back neatly.


Start to summarize and create your own personal notes of the E+Ps. Don’t just copy and paste. These notes will be crucial for your exam revision.

Also from today you will need to keep a personal inspirational journal. Throughout the year you’ll be expected to collect images, articles, random objects/materials, practice your sketching and rendering. Have a section where you focus on collecting examples of the Elements and Principles of Design.

Design Elements


Design Principles

Figure-Ground | Balance | Contrast | Cropping | Scale | Hierarchy | REPETITION & PATTERN | PROPORTION


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