Principle of Scale


Scale is the size you may choose to draw or place an object in relation to the ground it is placed upon. The ground can be a business card, flyer, poster, website, fashion dress or building.

Scale is used to assist in drawing large objects such as houses and furniture and is used to describe the dimensions of these drawn objects.

Scale can be used to create visual impact by creating a sense of depth and the feeling of tension.

Scale can attract in different ways.  It can be use to draw attention, change the size of an object in an unexpected or exaggerated way – this is often the case in advertising.

Scale can:

  • create contrast
  • add emphasis 
  • provide proportion
  • create visual hierarchy
  • create structure and order
  • create tension through the exaggerated & unexpected size of an object   

Scale design examples:

cd81ab3a8efb84a36198542b44766fec Front Cover January 08 grand-designs-live-be-inspired-on-a-grand-scale-small-63198 ideabook_book_tour_nature_01 image lemons-infographic-250x300 main_poster_facts proportion-strawberry science experiments storenvy-300x300 5x5_2 13EnAd 17da8f9523795d3859b0bf13d6060254 23862e0f3132425ci3.jpg beckan 839742222_2b8be1d2e3 2458915174_ff5c2ac23b_z 2382368215386_XpgmmJ0o_l ben_nov_runningmanshadow bonduelle-scale-small-75384


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