Principle of Cropping


CROPPING an image is the act of cutting away and discarding the unnecessary portions of the image.

Cropping an image can change the emphasis or direction of a design. An image may be cropped to emphasise one particular aspect of a design or to present information more clearly. Clever and deliberate cropping of shapes, form and letterform can make a design more visually dominating.

Why should you use cropping?  

  •      To emphasize the centre of interest  
  •      To eliminate an unwanted portion
  •      To adjust the shape to fit a given layout
  •      To enlarge small portions  


Cropping an image can: 

• change the direction and balance of a composition

• change the focus

• remove unnecessary information or parts of a ground that simply don’t work within the composition

• create greater emphasis

• help resolve background issues and can assist in placing the figure on the ground more effectively.

Be careful not to crop too much of an image so that it can no longer be understood. Use cropping to create an open composition.

Cropping can:

  •  create an open composition
  •  create a closed composition
  •  focus on a detail
  •  enlarge an image
  •  suggest an image
  • add intrigue & curiosity
  • emphasize on a particular area  

Cropping design Examples:

03_honda_poster_01 5x5_2 cars-movie-525_525 cropping HondaPoster_7 macbeth-poster



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