The Element of Point


It is small and round like a dot so it’s called ‘point.

Visual communications (VC’s) , or parts of them can be made from point or point can be used to draw attention to certain important areas of a visual communication.

Point Keywords (descriptive)





Act as an indicator







Point is simple to discuss. It can be round, square, contrast weakly or strongly with its background.

There may be single points or multiples together creating a pattern or texture.

How can point make us feel?

Point is not a very expressive design element itself but used in multiples they can either create order in a map or create warm, natural patterns in rendering. This is great if a designer wants to create a more hand-made feeling in their design.

What jobs can point do?

Point used in painting                  Point seen as Pixels on LCD screen


Point can be used to create texture and shade at the same time in rendered images. Post-Impressionist French painter Georges Seurat was a pioneer of making pictures out of dots of paint. This detail from La Parade de Cirque 1887-89, shows the way he worked in a style called ‘pointalism’. A detail (right) shows how coloured lights/pixels combine to form an image on an LCD screen.

Point to identify locations on a Map                     Point to identify important information (dot points)

map instructions
Points or dots are also used to order a range or topics without a numeric hierarchy. Dot or ‘bullet’ points can be circular or use any other image to attract attention.Point is used to identify or locate something.

The density and contrast of the mark steers the viewer’s vision to the information being communicated. Points are used to represent something complex – for example towns on a map.

Design Examples of POINT

Big-Points-Fabia Focal Point Design - Hand Painted gridposter Using Symbols to create point layout Point responsive-examples Black Swan point and balance


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